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  1. david sells // October 8, 2012 at 12:09 pm //

    No to this extra tax just for the f ing insurance compies this is a rip off by the OFarrell goverment


  2. Barrel the “farrell” and send him down the cliff..Our firefighters are the best in the world.They are an absolute necessity. How can closure of fire stations be of any benefit to the nation.Farrells purpose is to better our nation can somebody let him know please!!!


  3. Our tax pays Farrells wages. Forego his wages first.


  4. Jules
    Lets just give Barry enough rope, he’ll hang himself in the end. This fire tax is just one of many bullets in the barrell and big bully boy Bazza is playing a game of roulette with himself. We’d have to be one of the most taxed states/ countries in the world, and the welfare is draining us dry. Soon enough middle class Australia will just stop paying rego, rates, bills etc, and society will be on the verge of civil unrest due to pressure of living. They cant arrest us all or put us in jail, and they know we only pay these bills and taxes cause we feel its our duty. Its not the working class persons duty to pay taxes and live in poverty, especially in this country. Up and at em Australia, new and present citizens and residents, it might not affect you now, but when it does we look forward to hearing your voice and seeing your faces.


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