At first it was easy, a slush fund was set up to smear, attack and destroy Pauline Hanson. All was going well, Pauline was in jail until her damn innocence got in the way and she was released.

Next off the hook was Peter Slipper. After having the audacity to attend his wedding, the Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott claimed “no specific knowledge” as his party set out to destroy yet another life. While Mal Brough and the man he will always be tied to, James Ashby set out to humiliate a defiant Slipper, the goon squad of Abbott, Pyne, Brandis and Abetz cheered and egged them on. Once again however, Abbotts victim proved innocent, and Tonys plan was chalked up as another epic failure.

Yesterday, Abbott knocked up a hat -trick. Longterm Abbott target, and the subject of probably more smear than any politician in recent memory, Craig Thomson…

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  1. David Hunt // December 20, 2012 at 5:13 pm //

    Yet Abbott avoids scrutiny…again. How long will a compliant media standby this appalling example of Politic?


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