Curation & Excerpting Policy

Curation policy

The internet was built and founded on linking, sharing, and recommending great stories from other sources on the web. Curation, to me, means finding interesting, well-written, and highly appropriate articles.

By choosing an article from your site, I am giving it our vote of approval. This not only means that I excerpt your article, I also recommendation it, and direct my readers to view your article on your website.

My curation is designed to send my readers to your site and your articles.

If, for any reason, you wish me not to excerpt your stories, simply contact me, and request your story be taken down. I will immediately and without exception comply with your takedown request.

Excerpting Policy

Most online publishers recognize the value of having their stories and articles

  • quoted
  • commented on
  • debated
  • discussed
  • linked to
  • exposed

Social sharing of online content only extends the reach, impact, and ultimately the effectiveness and profitability of the original publisher’s website.

I am excerpting your content to inform my visitors, and to point them to the original source of the excerpt.

I excerpt your stories the way I hope others will curate my content.

Please feel free to excerpt my work as generously as you wish. In return please just give me clear credit, links back to the article, and some encouragement for interested readers to visit the original article. Take as much of my content as you think will inform and entertain your readers. Just link, credit, and encourage the reader to visit the original site.

That is what social sharing is about. Everyone benefits when sharing is done respectfully and honestly.

Darin Sullivan

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