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Monday 25 July 2011

Albury firefighters protest against IR attack

Firefighters will lead a protest in Albury tomorrow against the NSW Government’s new industrial relations laws that attack the rights of emergency services personnel and force wage rises below increases to the cost of living.


Members of the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union, in full uniform, will be taking part in a series of protests around NSW in the coming weeks as part of the broad community campaign to fight Premier Barry O’Farrell’s anti-worker IR laws that were pushed through parliament last month.


“Every day of the week firefighters put their lives on the line to protect the community, yet like 400,000 other public servants the NSW Government has repaid that loyalty with laws that threaten their wages and condition,” FBEU State Secretary Jim Casey said.


“Current award conditions covering training, safety, wages or conditions can now be struck out at the stroke of a Ministerial pen, with firefighters forced to agree to reduced staffing numbers or conditions if they want pay rises that match the cost of living increases.


"The O'Farrell Government is offering firefighters a choice between seeing our wages go backwards, or selling off jobs to fund pay rises. We won't see our wages go backwards, but having less firefighters on the road puts the community, and those firefighters who are responding, at greater risk.


“It's an impossible choice to ask us to make, and we're not willing to accept it.


“Firefighters have a simple message for the O’Farrell Government: We deserve the same rights at work as any other Australian and we are committed to fighting these draconian changes tooth and nail.”


Firefighters join Albury public services rally:

When: Where: Media:

1pm, Monday 25 July 2011 QE2 Square, off Dean Street, Albury

Further comment: Jim Casey 0419 267 555

Further info: Greg Matthews 0419 982 178

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