Fred Nile – be afraid NSW

Ethics lesson two: tell the truth

When I read this today in the National times today, I genuinely thought it was a satirical piece, I had to check and make sure it was really him that had written it.

I know he doesn’t have a sense of humour, so we can rule that out.

So what we end up with, is a window into the mind of a very powerful political figure in NSW, and a view that is scary to say the least.

Some points of interests that stuck out for me, and some advice to Fred…..

“I have not sought to blackmail the NSW government. I simply reminded them: before they reject my Ethics Repeal Bill, they should remember they need our votes to pass their controversial industrial relations legislation. “

Umm.. Fred… that’s political blackmail old mate.

“My intention throughout the process was simply to hold the Coalition to their original policy, which opposed ethics classes. Unfortunately, before the election, the Premier wrongly believed the Greens would hold the balance of power in the upper house and told me privately that despite a desire to do so, he could not repeal the legislation and would maintain the status quo.”

So someone told you something privately, and now you divulge that in the National Times? Are you serious?

I met with you privately recently as well, but unlike you, I won’t divulge private commitments that were made that you never followed either.

“Our party thanks Almighty God and the NSW voters that we now hold the ”balance of prayer and responsibility” and not the pagan Greens. So, given the outcome of the election, the Coalition can now implement their original policy and vote for my bill, which concludes the ethics course in December so that principals can arrange quality education opportunities for children withdrawn from scripture classes by their parents next year.”

“Balance of prayer”? Give me a break. Hold onto your hat Fred, ‘cause your eyes might burn a bit here. I have two children not Christened, no religious belief forced upon them, and who do not sit through Scripture classes to hear the guilt that Scripture teaches children. I hope that our right not to partake in your religion remains, but in the meantime, how the hell would you know what is an alternative to your religion at school? That might be for others to decide. You, and your party, would be the last people I’d ask. Let’s ask a professional educator, that might be a good start.

“I agree with the teaching of ethics in NSW schools, colleges and universities, provided it is based on history’s greatest teacher of ethics, the Lord Jesus Christ”.

This is the type of crap that made this story look like satire. You have lost touch with reality. Education at school, and the ethics we live by, being dictated by your religion and you God? As if it’s the only one on the planet? The fact that you have any power at all is a blight on this Country, and blight on our democracy.

“This course does not teach ethics as most parents understand the term. It does not teach children any definitive sense of right from wrong, but promotes the secular humanist relativist philosophy that there are no absolutes, such as ”You shall not murder, lie or steal”.

So what Fred? It’s an alternative to your Scripture classes. What’s the point of having an alternative, if you force it to be the same! What’s the matter with you?

“I sincerely regret that some atheistic parents will prevent their children from learning about the most important aspect of Australian culture, our Christian heritage and faith. Even our atheistic Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has said all children should have a knowledge of the Bible.”

And I sincerely regret that religious parents like you will prevent your children from learning about the other important aspects of Australian culture, which include other religions, other faiths. News flash for you Fred, atheists are still capable of giving knowledge to our children about the bible, but we educate them in other cultures and religions too.

“I do not repudiate the tradition of Western thought, as claimed, and I believe it unethical to engage in that sort of invective.”

Yes you do, you just don’t realise it.

“Remember that Socrates was ”virtually alone” and executed because he dared to question the majority world view; to question what youth were being taught. This is all I am doing.”

No you’re not, you’re doing exactly what those opposed to Socrates did, force your opinion on those who dare to question.

“There are those among Dr Longstaff’s supporters and organisations such as the Teachers Federation, the Greens and the Labor Left who wrongly believe in the separation of church and state, and want to abolish religious education from government schools.”

I haven’t heard anyone on the left try to take out religion from schools entirely, but choice is not unreasonable – except to you perhaps. Let’s start with separation of church and state in the NSW Parliament, and get on with doing your job without dictating your religion to me.

“They wrongly believe that when Sir Henry Parkes introduced free and ”secular” state education, he meant ”non-Christian” or ”non-religious”. That was never his intention. In the 1880s, ”secular” was used to prohibit denominational teaching in NSW classrooms, not scripture classes, which Parkes decreed should fill one hour per day.”

It’s 2011, perhaps we could try to progress our education system to now, rather than 1880. Sir Henry Parkes would probably have more of an open mind on what is appropriate for this day and age – give a try sometime.

“I have never said the Premier should break his word, but simply uphold his original position.”

Oh, and don’t forget the blackmail bit…

“If Dr Longstaff becomes militant and incites the mob to ”rise up”, his actions are akin to that which he despises. Maybe a lesson in ethics is required?”

Well, we could go for a lesson in ethics, but you’re forcing them out.

I hope Fred Nile puts more of his opinion out in the national newspapers, so that he, his party, and his ignorant voting followers are exposed for the narrow-minded, stuck in the past, do-gooding, god botherers that they are. Maybe then, we will find minor parties who do understand ethics in this country, and who can have more control over important issues affecting our education system.

God help us all while the Christian Democrats and Fred Nile have power.

Fred Nile wrote an opinion piece in the National Times today. 

Titled: Ethics lesson two: tell the truth

Some amateur analysis from me, on Fred Nile’s amateur view of the world



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