NSW PS campaign: The “Day of Chaos” is coming

Day of chaos? You were warned Barry – Restore the independence of the IRC.

Barry O’Farrell, supported by the “Guns and Moses” crossbenchers have not only tried to suppress NSW public sector wages (no surprise in that – the ALP did it too), but while they had their hands in the biscuit tin, they went that little bit more – they took away our rights to an independent court – the IRC.


So what does a Liberal Government do to justify the taking away of workers rights? They start to talk up the figures of debt in NSW, and they get their buddys in the right wing press to start running stories about the 0.004% of the public service being found doing the wrong thing.


This week, ICAC went public with an inquiry into Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW). The whole document is laced with cheap shots at the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (FBEU). The inquiry had nothing to do with the FBEU, but nonetheless an undercurrent of anti-union, anti-FBEU dialogue exists. Not one FBEU official was interviewed during the process.


Meanwhile, the bullshit figures from the NSW Government continues, as does it’s underhanded campaign to paint an effective, hardworking, NSW public sector workforce, as bludgers.


Day of Chaos? – you ‘aint seen nothing yet. Our peaceful community days of action will hopefully highlight our determination to have our rights restored, and the politicians we elect to do their job without going too far. Restore the IRC’s independence.


See you all on Sept 8 – NSW Parliament – Sydney.




Union plan to shut down NSW Anger over ‘bludger’ slur

From: Sunday Telegraph 21/8/11 –

NURSES, police, firefighters, teachers, bus drivers and thousands of other public servants are secretly planning a statewide ‘‘ day of chaos’’ in protest against Barry O’Farrell.

Outraged at being depicted as ‘‘ fat-cat bludgers’’ by the NSW government, state workers are organising the massive revolt for September 8 — two days after the O’Farrell government’s first Budget.

Union leaders yesterday admitted they were plotting the strike against the state government after The Sunday Telegraph learnt of a series of secret planning meetings over the past few days among unionists and workers.

‘‘ The rally is a direct consequence of the state government’s attack on public sector workers’ rights, job losses and cuts to services which are all due to a fictional budget black hole which has been shown not to exist,’’ Unions NSW secretary Mark Lennon said. He predicted a massive turnout.

So angry are workers that some have told The Sunday Telegraph they would be prepared to defy any court orders against a walkout. We are not fat cat bludgers − and Barry O’Farrell is about to find out on September 8 The industrial action against the government comes in response to new laws restricting public sector wage rises to 2.5 per cent— unless productivity savings can be demonstrated.

The laws also strip the Industrial Relations Commission of its powers by forcing it to abide by the policy and employment conditions ordered by the Finance Minister.

About 300,000 public servants will be hit by the laws, including police, firefighters and teachers.

One union official said: ‘‘ Teachers, nurses, firefighters, police, healthcare workers, the front office ladies who work in schools, bus drivers — we are not fat-cat bludgers — and Barry O’Farrell is about to find out on September 8.’’

NSW Nurses Association general secretary Brett Holmes said talks were being held within each union over how the industrial action would take place — ranging from sudden walkouts to a mass protest in the streets. He said nurses felt so passionate about the issue that they would be prepared to break the law by defying any orders of the IRC.

‘‘ The biggest issue for our members is that they have lost access to the Industrial Relations Commission, which has effectively been neutered.

‘‘ All unions will be having meetings with their members, who will vote on what they will be doing. We will, of course, ensure there are emergency nurses in place but Mr O’Farrell should not underestimate how angry members are at having their rights taken away. This is worse than WorkChoices.’’

NSW Public Service Association president John Cahill said the extent of the action was still being debated.

NSW Minister for Finance and Services Greg Pearce said the fear campaign being orchestrated was both hypocritical and hysterical. ‘‘ The NSW Government wages policy is the same as that introduced by Labor in 2007, except we will actually ensure it is adhered to.

‘‘ NSW public servants will still obtain 2.5 per cent wage increases with an added incentive of larger increases if savings are achieved.

‘‘ By doing this we will save NSW taxpayers $1.96 billion over four years — money that can be invested in infrastructure and frontline services.’’


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