Some interesting polls on #gaymarriage -what do the public really think?


Close to 30 MPs had reported to federal parliament their constituents' views on gay marriage as Crikey hit deadline, as they agreed to do under a Greens motion last November.

A majority, in fact, insisted voters were either opposed or didn't rate the issue important enough. Others like Anthony Albanese — the only Labor front-bencher to rise — used their five minutes to speak around the issue without making a stance or revealing what constituents may have said. Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott said nothing.

But the public has already spoken. At length. Ad nauseam.

  • Polls on the websites of three Liberal MPs (no longer online) showed strong support for gay marriage: Malcolm Turnbull’s website recorded 68% support, Brisbane MP Teresa Gambaro found 73% support and Julie Bishop's poll was running as high as 80% support.
  • Labor minister Tanya Plibersek said 2000 submissions to her office found support running at 80%.
  • An Essential Media poll in March of this year found 49% of respondents supported gay marriage, 40% were against and 10% didn't know.
  • A Westpoll survey of 400 WA voters in December found 61% were in favour of gay marriage.
  • A June Galaxy poll, commissioned by Australian Marriage Equality, found 75% of respondents agreed same-s-x marriage was inevitable.
  • A Nielsen poll from November of last year found 57% of Australians supported legalising gay marriage
  • A Roy Morgan poll this month for the TV show Can of Worms recorded 68% support for gay couples being allowed to marry.
  • More Galaxy polling from this month found majority support for gay marriage (53%) among respondents who identified as Christian.
  • A fascinating August 2010 poll by that involved polling each electorate and contrasting the results with each local MP's stance found that 46% overall supported gay marriage, 35% said it was between a man and a woman and 19% didn't care.

Adam Bandt, the Greens MP who moved the original motion, today said political leaders were "out of step with mainstream public opinion". Today's session of parliament proved it.

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