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T’was Monday 21st May, 2012, the day the Thomson Circus finally rolled into Canberra.

The day the Honourable Member For Dobell, Craig Thomson made his long awaited speech before the parliament, and a packed press gallery. His aim… was to prove the word “Honourable” in his title is justified.

I’m assuming that anyone reading this is a big kid now, so I’m not going to try and convince you it was one of the greatest speeches ever in our parliament. Nor am I going to try and convince you that it was a piss poor effort. I’m sure you’re big enough and ugly enough to make up your own minds. Anyway whatever I said would be just like another voice calling out for an encore from the mosh pit at the Big Day Out…

 Every journalist, commentator, shock jock, blogger, media hack, and pretty much anyone with a twitter account has…

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