Kyle, Alan Jones #2gb the winners, while ABC feels the pinch | #Crikey #Ausmedia

It must pay to have your knuckles rapped with a feather by media regulator ACMA. The latest radio ratings show that Kyle Sandilands and Alan Jones, the two “bad boys” of Sydney radio and the most recent roused on by the regulator, lifted their audience shares in the latest survey, while the goody two shoes ABC local radio station 702 saw a big fall (after the big rise in the previous survey).

Sandilands has been “disciplined” by ACMA over various atrocities in recent years while Jones’ latest brush was earlier this year over climate-change claims that turned out to be wrong. Both have emerged without a scratch insofar as their listeners are concerned. Sandiland’s breakfast program (with the luverly Jackie O) on 2Day FM jumped by 0.7 to 10.5 (from 9.8 in the third survey). Jones’ breakfast program on 2GB rose a very solid 1.4 to 18.5 from 17.1. His rants obviously go down well with middle-aged, cranky listeners in Sydney’s west. That helped 2GB win the survey with a 0.8 rise in share to 15.7. 2Day’s share rose 0.3 to 9.8.

At ABC’s 702, it was a different story with the station losing 1.6 to 10.5, which still left it second behind 2GB, with 2Day in third. 702’s fall was driven by big losses for Adam Spencer in Breakfast (down a large 1.6 to 12.0, still second in the timeslot behind Jones), and by a bigger 2.1 fall for Drive host Richard Glover, to 11.1 from 13.2. That saw Glover fall to second in the slot, but still top in the talk segment. Encouragingly for 702, the performance of newbie Linda Mottram in Mornings continued and her share rose a solid 0.9 to 10, second behind screaming Ray Hadley over on 2GB, who edged up 0.1 to 17. 702’s Evenings with Dom Knight lost 0.9 to 9.4, still second, but well behind 2GB.

Among the other stations, Nova shed 1.0 to a low 5.9%, not the sort of performance Lachlan Murdoch would want to see (Nova was better in other markets). Nor was the 0.3 loss for struggling Fairfax-owned 2UE, to 5.4. 2UE’s breakfast effort was weak, losing 0.9 to 5.1. WSFM added 0.9 to 9.0. ABC News Radio dipped, as did Triple J, but ABC FM added 0.3 to 3.5.

In Melbourne, ABC local radio 774 regained some of the losses in survey three to end with a solid gain of 1.1, to 10.8, thanks to a very sold gain by Red Symons in Breakfast, who saw his share jump 3.2 to 14.6. That was still second behind 3AW on 17.1%. But 774 has broken well clear of Fox FM, which saw Breakfast dip 0.1 to 11.1. Jon Faine lifted his effort and added 0.9 to 11.1, still second in the slot behind Neil Mitchell on 3AW with 18.6 (up 0.2). Afternoon and Drive for 774 shed share, but evenings were higher. Fox FM held its share steady at 10.6 in survey four, third in market behind 774 . Mix 101 in Melbourne added a solid 1.8 to boost its overall share to 7.5. News radio and Triple J also fell in Melbourne, but ABC FM rose by 0.4 to 2.8).

In Brisbane, better news for Lachie Murdoch with Nova 106.9 climbing 1.2 to 14.2 and replacing 97.3FM (Australian Radio Network), which lost 1.4 to 12.1 (in effect the two stations swapped positions). ABC Local radio’s 612 suffered more losses, down 1.6 to 9.4 and falling from third in survey three to fifth this time. News Radio fell, but Triple J rose, and ABC FM added 0.5 to 2.5

And in Adelaide, 5AA again won, adding 1.6 to 15.1 in a dominant performance. MIX 102.3 edged up 0.2 to 12.0, Nova 91.9 (up 0.3) and ABC Local radio’s 891 (down 0.3) both ended on 11.8. News Radio, Triple J and ABC FM all fell in Adelaide in the latest survey. —  Glenn Dyer…

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