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Marine Parks: The most popular decision since Julia Gillard became PM

Creating the world’s largest network of marine parks is the most popular decision the federal government has made since Julia Gillard became Prime Minister, an analysis of public opinion research since June 2010 has found.

Each week for the past 105 weeks, Essential Research has polled national public opinion on government decisions and announcements, including paid maternity leave, a ban on live cattle exports, aged care reform, increases to superannuation contributions and the introduction of a price on carbon pollution.

The analysis looked at each of the weekly polling results between 24 June 2010, when Julia Gillard became Prime Minister, and 30 June 2012.

70% of Australians support the government’s decision to create the world’s largest network of marine parks, making it the most popular decision the government has made since Julia Gillard became Prime Minister in June 2010.

The Essential Report is a weekly national, online poll conducted that samples the opinions of 1000+ Australians, drawn from a panel of more than 110,000. Results are post-weighted to match Australian Bureau of Statistics demographics data to ensure results are within a standard deviation.

The 5 most popular decisions or announcements the Gillard Government has made are:

1. 25/06/2012: Creating the world’s largest network of marine parks – 70% support, 13% disapprove
2. 02/04/2012: Increasing compulsory superannuation contributions – 69% support, 13% disapprove
3. 27/02/2012: Gonski Report Recommendations (schools reforms) – 68% support, 13% disapprove
4. 30/04/2012: Aged care reform – 61% support, 7% disapprove
4. 10/10/2011: Pokies reform – 61% support, 30% disapprove
5. 30/01/2012: Additional assistance to the car industry – 58% support, 18% oppose
5. 20/06/2011: Live cattle export ban – 58% support, 28% oppose

“The federal government’s decision on marine parks is the single most popular decision it has made since Julia Gillard became Prime Minister. This decision ranks higher than the introduction of paid maternity leave, aged care reforms and increases in compulsory super payments,” Paul Sheridan from Essential Research said.

“Compared to other environmental issues, such as returning water to the Murray Darling River System (49%) and uranium exports to India (30%), support for the marine parks announcement is significantly stronger.”

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