Police clash with workers in Melbourne | #Ausunions

Incredible scenes were caught on camera this morning when mounted police clashed with construction workers in Melbourne’s CBD.

Workers and union members who had gathered at the corner of Swanston and Lonsdale St attacked horses and police who tried to break the picket line.

Protesters initially tried to hold their ground as mounted police officers advanced towards them but then went on the offensive and tried to push back the police.

The officers used pepper spray to subdue the protesters who pushed up against the horses and forced them back slightly.

One man who was sprayed directly in the face from close range immediately withdrew from the protest.

The violent scenes began when mounted police tried to disperse them from Colonial First State’s $250 million Emporium Melbourne project at the old Myer building around 7am this morning.

Striking workers have blockaded the site since Wednesday in defiance of a Supreme Court ruling for the protesters to disperse from four Grocon building sites.

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union wants better access to Grocon sites and the right to name shop stewards on its projects.

Grocon’s chief executive Daniel Grollo has called the protest illegal.

The workers have reportedly vowed to maintain the blockade.

Source: Nine News
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