Please help Firies son – Shave For Coop

He is 11 years old and in Year 5 at Redhead Public School. Jacob has just been diagnosed with Philadelphia Leukaemia and only 3% diagnosed have this type. We are holding a fundraiser to help Jacob’s family… it’s the least we can do!

If you are interested in donating a prize please contact Redhead Public School on 02 4944 7215 or join our Facebook page.

via Graphika :: Shave For Coop.

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President of the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union and a professional firefighter with more than 25 years’ experience. Father of two daughters, he lives and works on the NSW South Coast, Australia. He is a strong advocate for firefighters and emergency service workers with an interest in mental health issues and caring for those around him. He is a Director on the NSW Fire Brigades Death and Disability Super Fund and works with charities including ‘The Movember Foundation’. As a leader and activist he has long been active in the campaign for action on climate change. Now a Station Commander in the fire and rescue service in NSW and has decades of experience fighting fires, both rural and urban. He is passionate about highlighting the impact climate change is having on fire preparedness and fire behaviour in Australia, and the risks associated with inaction on climate change. Darin is also a spokesperson for the Australian Climate Media Centre.
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