Romney’s most recent “Gaffe”: The Truth Hurts Doesn’t it?

Romney’s most recent “Gaffe”: The Truth Hurts Doesn’t it?

Pundits suggest this bit from Romney was a gaffe but ain’t he just telling the truth?  Listen to how smooth he is telling this crowd how cynically he’s considered his election strategy.  Essentially, to paraphrase the point he’s making to his donors, “Hey you see all that stuff in the press about me being behind, don’t even sweat it. I got this!” . He’s just really reassuring his donors that he he’s not even going to worry about doing anything for the 99%…he’s all focused on that all important 1%. Makes sense. Why throw good money after bad?

I hope no one is surprised by any of this though since  Conservatives have shown over time through their deeds that they’re interests lie only with the 1%. Look at the contrast in the handling of  Katrina recovery, where the poor were basically left to rot in the streets versus the deference shown to bankers…

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