Some would have you believe that Tony Abbott should be praised, or at least admired, for having the decency to sack Cory Bernardi after his comments during the week.

This has been an interesting month for the Coalition across the country, both at Federal and State levels, with some true colours showing through.

Cory Bernadi’s comparison of homosexuality to bestiality was not only downright offensive, but could it also shine a light on Mr Bernardi’s choice of porn?

Tony Abbott was right to sack Cory Bernardi from his Parliamentary Secretary position, after all comments like those made by the Senator many describe as a dangerous extremist, were both inflamatory and uncalled for. Mr Abbott was right to sack Bernardi as quickly as he did, credit where credit is due.

However, before I get too carried away with credit, I recall that Bernardi has been saying these comments regarding bestiality…

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