No New Tax – Fund NSW firefighting fairly

No New Tax – Fund firefighting fairly.


First Barry O’Farrell announced plans to close up to eight fire stations each day, leaving large parts of Sydney without a fire truck in their local station. Now he wants to hit you with a new tax.

That’s right. Barry O’Farrell wants you to pay more, for less.

  • In other words, he’s taxing families in order to boost the profits of big insurance companies. It’s outrageous.

    The new tax will be an average $300 per year on top of your council rates. Clearly Mr O’Farrell doesn’t understand the strain families in NSW are facing.

Why is he doing this?

  • Barry O’Farrell is trying to change the way fire stations are funded. For over 100 years, insurers have provided the lion’s share of our emergency services funding. It makes sense because a strong fire service saves them billions in insurance claims. Right now it’s a true “user pays” system.

    But now, the insurance companies have convinced Mr O’Farrell to tear up that system.

    This will deliver the insurance companies a windfall of up to $700 million in extra profits.

Luckily, it’s not too late to stop this regressive tax

  • The NSW Government is holding a public consultation on the funding changes. Click the button to say no to Barry’s new tax. Follow our easy-to-use submission guide to tell Mr O’Farrell why you oppose this new tax. Hurry! Submissions close October 8th.


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