With all the controversy around Alan Jones, his comments, and his behavior, it’s time to look at things that can be done about it.

Firstly though, there have been some who have brought Alan’s past problems with public toilets into the debate, and have faced vitriol as a result.

Contrary to the right wing defenders of Alan Jones, the raising of this is not a homophobic attack. If that were the case, then I guess that would mean bringing up Alan’s workmate at 2GB, and fellow Shock-Jock, Chris Smith’s suspension from the station due to sexually assaulting female membersof staff is hetrophobic?

It is clear to most that the commentary from some parts of the right-wing media has gone too far, and 2GB seems to be the main culprit.

It is not that I am against shock jocks, far from it, I am all for the freedom to express…

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