Who do you think should lead the Coalition to the next election?

Turn Left 2013

This poll running on the Age website ask the following question:
Who do you think should lead the Coalition to the next election?

Tony Abbott   17%
Malcolm Turnbull   77%
Other   6%

Total votes: 24143.

The poll remains open until Midday 5 October – vote HERE if you want to mess with the minds of the political opinion writers and Liberal power brokers.

Although, that would include Lefties who think the ALP’s best chances of winning is Tony Abbott, and the longer he stays Leader Of Coalition Opposition (LOCO) the more he damages the Liberal brand. It would also include Righties who dislike Malcolm Turnbull. Perhaps the question should have been “Who has a better chance of leading the LNP to an election victory?”

Edited to add: the final results of the poll when it closed was exactly the same numbers, whether that was a glitch, or…

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