Bushfire fear | Central coast homes #FRNSW

Emergency warning for bushfire homes

A bushfire on the NSW central coast is ”uncontrollable, unpredictable” and threatening a number of homes.

The fire burning around Lobster Beach and Pretty Beach in Gosford is 90 hectares in size and with the arrival of this afternoon’s southerly is now moving in a direction towards houses.

An emergency broadcast message has been sent to telephones in the area.

A fire in the Lobster Beach and Pretty Beach area is predicted to hit homes. Photo: NSW Rural Fire Service

More than 120 firefighters with the assistance of water bombing aircraft are trying to protect the properties with residents in one street, High View Road, also evacuated by police.

Property protection is also being carried out in this street as well as Hawke Head Drive, Venice Road, Como Parade, Heath Road, Granview Crescent, Beach Drive and Patricia Place.

”The fire is burning in very high fire danger conditions and is expected to impact on properties any time in the next two hours,” the Rural Fire Service says.

There are reports that the back decks of two homes have been damaged.

A bushfire has jumped containment lines on the NSW central coast and is threatening a number of homes.

Firefighters issued an emergency warning, as the blaze headed towards homes in the Lobster Beach and Pretty Beach area.

There are reports that a back deck of a home has been damaged.

The RFS tweeted: “Emergency Alert telephone warning being sent to homes around Lobster Beach and Pretty Beach. Take shelter as the fire impacts.”

The update on the NSW RFS website said: “Under these conditions, fires are uncontrollable, unpredictable and fast-moving.

“Embers will be blown up to 4km ahead of the fire, creating spot fires that will move quickly and in different directions.

“These spot fires may threaten your home earlier than the predicted main fire front.”

Police are evacuating people from homes on High View Road.

Earlier the RFS Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers told 2GB it was challenging for crews to get the fire under control.

“That fire is burning in really steep terrain,” Mr Rogers said.

“That area is burning quite aggressively there, given the wind and heat.”

Before noon, firefighters were backburning on the northern side of the fire to try to stop the fire from spreading towards homes on Albert Street in preparation for the cool change.

“There’s a very strong southerly change coming through and that’s going to cause us more problems,” Mr Rogers said.

People in the Lobster Beach and Pretty Beach area are advised to check and follow their bush fire survival plans and phone triple-0 in an emergency.

“If your plan is to leave, or you are not prepared, leave early. Well prepared and actively defended homes can offer safety during the fire.”

The RFS said it did not know what started the fire, but Deputy Commissioner Rob Rogers told Macquarie Radio that police were investigating reports that a boatload of people had lit an open fire on the beach last night and failed to douse it properly before leaving.

No evacuations have taken place, an RFS spokeswoman told AAP.

Meanwhile, firefighters have saved a property from a massive 240-hectare fire on Mount Mirannie near Singleton.

“They’re continuing to work to protect around another four rural farm properties in the area,” the RFS spokeswoman said.

She said another fire had closed the Pacific Highway between Houston Mitchell Drive and Burrawan Forest Drive at Lake Innes near Port Macquarie.

A large blaze that broke out at Wyee on Thursday has reignited, placing homes in danger and forcing authorities to close the northern railway line. and AAP

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