FBEU Advice and instructions for permanent members

TOLing: Advice and instructions for permanent members

December 20, 2012

The following 13 Point advice and instructions rescind and replace all previous Union advice and instructions on TOLing (including SITREPs 46, 47, and 48 of 2012) and are to be observed until further notice from the State Secretary.


Members are hereby advised and instructed that:

Officers cannot act-down, but may be directed to staff heavy hazmat and rescue appliances (see points 1, 2 and 3).

Officers cannot be directed to perform outduties, but may agree to do so (points 4 and 5).

The minimum rank required to act as OIC at a retained station is Senior Firefighter (point 6).

There is no ban or restriction on “leap-frogging” of relievers and/or outduties (point 7).

Leading Firefighters cannot act-up to Station Officer rank unless they have successfully completed the SOPP (point 8).

Fully staffed appliances are not to be taken off line, and members are instructed to not perform relieving/outduties if doing so will cause that station to fall below safe and effective minimum staffing levels (point 9).

Fully staffed appliances are not be taken off line to staff TOLed appliances, which are not to be “cross-crewed” (point 10).

Members of the oncoming shift should not staff or respond on a TOLed appliance prior to the change of shift (point 11).

While there is no limit on the number of times an appliance may be TOLed or directed to stand by for a TOLed appliance elsewhere, outduty limits and other Award provisions may operate to prevent either happening (points 12 and 13).

Members who stand by for a TOLed appliance elsewhere will have performed an outduty if, after completing the stand by duty, they do not finish duty at their own station prior to the conclusion of their rostered shift (point 13).

For clarification of the above points members should refer in the first instance to the expanded advice here below. For further clarification of assistance members may also contact a State Committee official. Contact details for all State Committee officials are available here.

Jim Casey

State Secretary

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