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NSW Liberal Govt fire cuts still risking lives

Click here to see if this fire station is open Risking the residents of Maroubra every day, the NSW Liberal Govt have been closing stations for sometime now. Are you protected at night? Click here to see if this fire station is open


Today, like every other day in NSW (and increasingly across the world) the NSW Liberal government closes fire stations to save money. It’s a game of Russion Roulette that continues to shoot towards unaware communities until that inevitable bullet finds a victim.

Here’s an example of the shifty movement of fire trucks and firefighters that goes on daily to help hide what’s going on:

The following fire stations, trucks and staffing occurred today in Sydney due to the Liberal govt cuts to NSW fire budgets:

Glebe Ladder truck shut for the day
St Andrews Ladder shutdown
Campbelltown fire truck shutdown
Maroubra fire station shut
Drummoyne fire truck shutdown
City of Sydney fire truck ‘Runner1’ shutdown


The Rocks fire station was closed and sent to Campbelltown
Leichhardt fire station closed and sent to Drummoyne
Sydney city’s ladder truck removed from city and sent to St Andrews

That means that the vacant fire stations/trucks today in Sydney alone are:
-The Rocks
-Castlereagh St City (1 x fire truck and 1 x ladder truck missing)
-Glebe ladder truck.

This is happening nearly every day due to Liberal Govt budget cuts. Meanwhile, car accidents, bushfires, factory fires, industrial accidents, house fires, and hazardous material incidents are still occurring as much as they used to.

As an example, only this week we’ve had incidents where accidents and fires have happened in the very areas where fire stations were shut. Neighbouring fire stations were sent to respond, but got there slower than the closed station would have had they been given the opportunity to get there.

Neutral Bay car accident eg

If you agree that FRNSW Fire Stations need to be open, staffed and resourced to be effective then please let the Emergency Services Minister know how you feel about Fire Station closures and please SHARE this:

Stuart Ayres
Phone (02) 8574 6500
Fax (02) 9339 5522


Visit the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union campaign page for more info on why this is happening, what it means, and how to help.

About Darin Sullivan (1980 Articles)
Former President of the Fire Brigade Employees’ Union (2009-2018) and a professional firefighter with more than 30 years experience. I live and work on the NSW South Coast, Australia. I am a strong advocate for firefighters and emergency service workers with an interest in mental health issues and caring for those around me. I am a former Director on the NSW Fire Brigades Death and Disability Super Fund and work with charities including ‘The Movember Foundation’. As a leader and activist I have long been active in the campaign for action on climate change. I am a Station Commander in the fire and rescue service in NSW and have 30 years experience fighting fires, both rural and urban. I am passionate about highlighting the impact climate change is having on fire preparedness and fire behaviour in Australia, and the risks associated with inaction on climate change. I am also a spokesperson for the Australian Climate Media Centre.
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