FBEU 2005-2018

From rank and file member in 1990, to Wollongong station delegate in 1996, I was then elected Illawarra Sub-Branch Executive member 2000-2005. In 2005 I was elected onto the FBEU State Committee of Management as Illawarra Sub-Branch Secretary for two terms (4 years) until 2009.  I was then elected as FBEU (and NSW UFUA) President in 2009 for three terms (9 years from 2009-2018). See the FBEU Honour Board here.

With support from my running mate and comrade Jim Casey, together with great officials on our State Committee of Management, the FBEU has gone from strength to strength in difficult times throughout my time as President. We have taken on some of the most difficult campaigns and issues ever faced by our Union.

The following are just some of the examples where the FBEU has made progressive reforms and had significant victories through strong leadership with support from FBEU members as NSW firefighters.

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Workers compensation cuts defended (for perm and ret) through the largest strike in the history of the FBEU

FBEU Centenary event and parade

Perm Award reform incl:
– New rank progression access to Leading Firefighter and Leading Station Officer
– Improved access to flexible and alternate rostering while protecting the 10/14
– Two consecutive Award pay rises without loss of conditions
– New improved annual leave roster
– Defense of the 10/14 (and now 24hr) roster for Senior Officers
– Pay rises for junior ranks by compressing L1-L4



Retained Award reform incl:
– higher retainers for increased availability
– secured rates of pay for community first response (CFR)
– higher  hourly rate for Deputy Captains
– RTAS now in the retained Award and increased with all other allowances
– higher retainers across the board (by compressing ABC retainers)
– Maintaining and improving retained conditions in 2014 award when the dept sought to dramatically reduce them
– Secured three single days NMC SL (parity with permanents)
– OT rates for attending incidents on additional public holidays (parity with permanents)


40 direct recruitment jobs for retained to permanent when TOLing was stopped

Public sector campaigns

Fire service levy campaign

Budget cuts and station closures campaign success

Firefighters Death and Disability Award improvements and reform

Political intervention  – Miranda by-election + NSW State elections

New 10/14 stations and staffing enhancements

Improved access to State Committee meetings and officials

Delegate training and network improvement

Firefighter’s Cancer legislation

FBEU firestrike hose down NSW Parliament 210612

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